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Here's what the Agile Marketing Workshop will cover

This Agile Marketing training course is practical workshop that will dive into the Agile practices and how to apply them to marketing teams and campaigns. We will discover together how to model marketing practices to agile methodology, how to organize a backlog, what relative estimation is, sprint planning, and how sprint execution happens.

Workshop agenda:

  • Introduction to Agile Marketing;
  • Organize marketing tasks around Agile priorities;
  • What are relative estimations and how to use them;
  • How Scrum works for adaptive and iterative planning;
  • How to track progress using Scrum approach;
  • How to deliver and communicate results with Agile, that are understood by management and sales teams;
  • How to create a yearly budget for agile marketing without a fixed plan.
Jean Moncrieff

Jean Moncrieff

Master Digital Distiller

I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs build great companies. Drawing from over 20 years entrepreneurial experience, I work hard to understand your current challenges and opportunities. I make sure your business and marketing goals are aligned, and then apply my skills in digital marketing and agile delivery to help your business get traction.

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