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Getting started Creating Buyer Personas

Posted by  Jean Moncrieff 



Creating Buyer Personas is one of the most important steps in developing your Inbound Marketing strategy. Having solid buyer personas will help you get in touch with your target audiences challenges and interests.


Content quality is at the heart of your Inbound Strategy. Without a clear understanding of what motivates your prospective buyers, you can't develop content that will resonate with them and draw them to into your sales funnel.


What is a buyer persona?


Content is often the beginning of your relationship with your prospective customers. It's what draws them to your website. It's your opportunity to hook them and present yourself as a thought leader. To do this, you need to make sure your content resonates with your audience, that is solves a problem or challenge they are tackling. Ask yourself questions like: "Who am I talking to?", "Who am I trying to attract?" and "What do they care about?". By answering these questions, you'll be able to create solid buyer personas:


A semi-fictitious character, based on the real person who buys, or might buy your products and services.


Creating a buyer persona will help you and your team understand your customers' wants and needs. Using personas will make your content more relevant to your prospective buyers. 


How do they benefit my business?


Believe it or not, you can choose to attract your perfect customers!  Customers that value your offering, view you as a partner and want you to succeed. When you think about your business, think about those customers that you love doing business with everyday. They probably only make up around 20% of your customer base? The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) applies, the other 80% are bad payers, difficult customers and don't really value your service.


What if you were able to attract only those customers that you love doing business with? 


You are, by modeling the customers you love, looking for the patterns in those customers - what they appreciate about your business, how you're able to help them address their pains, deal with their challenges and reach their goals. When you know what they're trying to achieve, what's important to them, you can go beyond developing quality content: you'll be able to create products and services they love.


How do you get started creating a buyer persona?


  • In person interviews with your customers is an ideal way to start sourcing persona material. 
  • Use survey tools like Survey Monkey or Google Forms - they are a little less personal, but will be helpful if you have a large customer base.
  • Talk to your co-workers and sales team. Sales, customer care and receptionists develop relationships with your customers and are a great source of information.
  • You can listen online by reading the same articles and blogs that they do. Ask them what they're reading and where they source answers to their challenges.
  • By listening to conversations on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Follow your customers online and take notice of the conversations they are having online.


Create a profile for your personas


Once you have conducted your interviews, pull all the information you have gathered together and start creating a profile for each group. When you're creating persona groups, look for common behaviour patterns, shared interests, goals, challenges, pain points and general demographic information.  


Here's an example of part of what a persona might look like as you start to build it out:



How to Market to your Personas


When you're creating content talk to your buyer persona, imagine you're sitting across the table explaining the topic to them. Keep your content focused on a single topic, don't jump around. Create a story that flows naturally and that is easy to read. Think about things like business jargon - does your persona understand technical terms and industry jargon? Try to use the simplest language possible to communicate with them.


Depending on where your prospective customer is in the sales and marketing process you will present different content offers. Use blog posts and social media to attract visits into the top of your sales funnel, eBooks and white papers to convert site visitors into leads and product trials and demos to close leads as customers.


To connect with buyers you need to know who they are, what they care about, what keeps them up at night and what makes them tick. 


Want to learn more about how to create buyer personas? Download a free copy of our eBook: How To Create Buyer Personas for Your Business.



Posted by Jean Moncrieff

Jean is an entrepreneur with over 20 years business and marketing experience. He is passionate about helping startups and small business use digital marketing techniques to grow their companies. Currently, he splits his time between his home office in Italy and clients in Europe and North America.​

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